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Wood Inlay

This is a craft project I’m currently working on – using laser-cutting and prefab wood I’m trying to recreate traditional North African ivory & bone, wood-inlays. This is my first sample – the panels will eventually make up a mural.

Laser-cut wood.



Category: Work


Jungle Jim is a bimonthly African Pulp Fiction zine, featuring genre-writing from across the continent. To submit original fiction, please see here.

As part of the Toffie Pop Culture Festival which took place in Cape Town in 2012, I made a design banquet. Along with Team Netherlands we also made a shipping installation with pirate cargo.


e. hannesbernard@gmail.com
t. +31 62 1492534
s. hannesbernard
62 Frans de Wollanstraat, 1018SC, Amsterdam. ☻
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Hey! I'm a South African designer based in Amsterdam, doing research at the Sandberg Instituut. I run a design & illustration consultancy between Cape Town, Saõ Paulo & Amsterdam, and publish Jungle Jim, a bimonthly African Pulp Fiction Zine.