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The Banquet – Willem’s Attempt

On the 15th of December the Sandberg students hosted a 12 hour banquet to discuss ‘designing during times of crisis’. The event was an attempt at defining & confining the idea of a crisis and discussing personal approaches or experiences of it. Along with Martina Patrelli, I prepared the food & drink for the evening. Our menu was designed around the idea of uncertainty and the need for people to help each other understand & enjoy the food. Everything was presented without explanation, and left up to the audience to figure out.

1 Tablet Miracle Fruit
10 Lemons, 10 Oranges, 10 Limes
When entering the building each participant was unknowingly given powdered Miracle fruit along with a spiced tea. Within 10 minutes Miracle Fruit alters the tastebuds, converting sour tastes to sweet. The appetiser was served as a simple salad of citrus wedges which, to everyones surprise, tasted like syrupy citrus sweets.


Each discussion group was centered around a crate with 12 identical, clear bottles. Some bottles contained water & others vodka. It was up to the participants to figure out who was having what. Drinks were served with a selection of orange, pear or apple ice.


For the first course we presented rice balls with contrasting & complementary tastes. In order for several sharp flavours to work together, we decided to deconstruct the elements of southern Indian curry & sambals. Some of the rice balls contained: Spiced lemon Dahl Curry | Cucumber Raita | Spiced oil temper (dry chilly, mustard seed & cumin) |  Banana, Lime & Coconut Sambal | Lime Atchar | Avocado & Poppy Seed |


The idea for the main course comes from a biblical parable where both heaven & hell are described as banquets where food is plentiful. The only cutlery though, are 1 meter forks – the difference being that in hell everyone tries to feed themselves & not each other.

Due to the limitations of the space – no cutlery, crockery, tables or kitchen  - we decided to create a banquet table on the floor using space blankets which would act as both a surface for serving the food & keeping it warm. Next we created piles of salt and served slow-roasted seasonal roots, including purple & white carrot, black truffle potatoes, sweet leeks, and radish roots. It was great seeing the interaction and economics of food distribution, with some realising early on that the more people they fed, the more food they would receive in return.


Desert consisted of 3 vegetables cakes – carrot, zucchini & pumpkin. Coffee was served with a nut,coffee bean, and cinnamon-salt brittle.

Photos by Simone Niquille.

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Jungle Jim is a bimonthly African Pulp Fiction zine, featuring genre-writing from across the continent. To submit original fiction, please see here.

As part of the Toffie Pop Culture Festival which took place in Cape Town in 2012, I made a design banquet. Along with Team Netherlands we also made a shipping installation with pirate cargo.


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Hey! I'm a South African designer based in Amsterdam, doing research at the Sandberg Instituut. I run a design & illustration consultancy between Cape Town, Saõ Paulo & Amsterdam, and publish Jungle Jim, a bimonthly African Pulp Fiction Zine.