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The Sandberg took a trip to Zollverein a few weeks ago. The German government is trying to boost the town of Essen’s local economy by billing the old mining complex as THE new design destination. With the help of some foreign investments, Essen is supposedly set to become a Dubai 2.0.

A couple of interesting projects have been commissioned, including Rem Koolhaas’ super long lava escalator.

A massive new design department was commissioned for the Folkswang university. Too bad it went bankrupt in less than a year. We took a tour of the empty building and the height of each floor’s ceiling is determined by the importance of the activities performed. Needless to say the design studio is tall enough to fit in three floors. The whole thing kind of reminds of me of this…..

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Jungle Jim is a bimonthly African Pulp Fiction zine, featuring genre-writing from across the continent. To submit original fiction, please see here.

As part of the Toffie Pop Culture Festival which took place in Cape Town in 2012, I made a design banquet. Along with Team Netherlands we also made a shipping installation with pirate cargo.


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Hey! I'm a South African designer based in Amsterdam, doing research at the Sandberg Instituut. I run a design & illustration consultancy between Cape Town, Saõ Paulo & Amsterdam, and publish Jungle Jim, a bimonthly African Pulp Fiction Zine.