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Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a food event designed for the closing night of the Mediamatic Ruilen (Swapping) show, held during December in Amsterdam. In collaboration with Anja Groten & Florian Pfeffer who arranged the SwapupShop at Otis in Los Angeles, we wanted to create an internal food-swapping economy. The dinner was designed around the old folk tale of stone soup.
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Palestine by Design

In September the International Academy of Art Palestine, in collaboration with the Sandberg Instituut, initiated a design workshop in Ramallah to develop new Palestinian products.

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As part of the 2012 Toffie Pop Culture Festival in Cape Town, the Dutch team created a pirate-trading installation inspired by the seafaring history of the two countries. USB drives full of pirated design resources in open formats were attached to a system of ropes, pulleys and weights.

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Design Banquet

This dinner was based on a previous project in which a dinner was designed around the idea of crisis. The Banquet plays with uncertainty and the need for people to help each other understand & enjoy the food. Everything is presented without explanation, and left up to the audience to figure out. Through the shared social experience of uncertainty, diners develop a common food economy based on giving rather than taking.

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The Sandberg took a trip to Zollverein a few weeks ago. The German government is trying to boost the town of Essen’s local economy by billing the old mining complex as THE new design destination. With the help of some foreign investments, Essen is supposedly set to become a Dubai 2.0.

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Rolleiflex 101

I recently made a trade for a Rolleiflex medium-format camera. I’m a total novice as evidenced by my first photo. Think I need a light meter…and a tripod…and film that isn’t 10 years post expiry….Hey at least something came out, unlike the b&w film…

Risotto al nero di seppia

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A terrific review.


My first week in Amsterdam…


Jungle Jim is a bimonthly African Pulp Fiction zine, featuring genre-writing from across the continent. To submit original fiction, please see HERE.

Pangea is a new platform for exchange between designers of the Northern & Southern hemispheres I initiated with Paris Magazine. Check out the program details here.

As part of the Toffie Pop Culture Festival which took place in Cape Town in 2012, I made a design banquet. Along with Team Netherlands we also made a shipping installation with pirate cargo.


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Hey! I'm a South African designer based in Amsterdam, doing research at the Sandberg Instituut. I run a design & illustration consultancy between Cape Town, Saõ Paulo & Amsterdam, and publish Jungle Jim, a bimonthly African Pulp Fiction Zine.